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Sassy iPhone apps to keep up with Girls’ Night Out

When you are young, there is nothing better than a sleepover. Enter adulthood and it’s called Girls’ Night Out or #GNO on Twitter, and usually involves a bar, a few cocktails and some unforgettable moments. Not the freezing your best friend’s bra type of moment of yesterday, but more of the “Did you see Kim make out with that bald man in the bathroom last night?” moment. And now, armed with your iPhone, not only can you capture all the nitty-gritty details, but you can also use sassy apps to spice up your girls’ night out!

Planning an epic night

NFT Chicago City Guide

If you are in charge of planning the venues for your next ladies-only excursion, the best place to start is the Not-for-Tourists series of iPhone apps. I have the NFT Chicago City Guide app ($2.99) and use it all the time for just such occasions. Because you can only go to the same old haunts so many times before the scene starts to get stale, this app is sure to help you and your girls rotate in a few new savvy spots for ladies-only recreation.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

The next best to-do on your list when planning a girls’ night out should be your outfit of course! And the ladies to emulate when it comes to GNO apparel are definitely the ever-fashionable Kardashian sisters. I’m always envious at how different their looks are, but how much alike they appear at the same time. Start perusing the photos in the free Keeping Up with the Kardashians app a week or so before your night out and get shopping. Girls’ Night Out is the ultimate time to wear all those girly outfits in your closet that your boyfriend doesn’t understand. Color blocking, check! Floral print skirt with striped tee, check!

Keeping the energy going

Girls Night Out

If you loved playing truth or dare and scavenger hunts as a girl at sleepovers, then you will just love the Girls Night Out ($1.99) app. Only this time you get to play with your adult friends at a bar! This girl’s-only party app has more than 175 cards of fun and naughty things to spice up your ladies’ night Use the app to race against each other with the same challenge or complete individual challenges with time limits. This merrymaking app is sure to stir up more fans than just a few cocktails alone on a girls’ night out

Bachelorette Party

It is GNO with a bachelorette twist! Check out the Bachelorette Party app ($1.99) when you are celebrating your BFF’s last night of singledom. Whether a low-key event at home or hitting the town hard, download this party app for a little dirty dare or truth from the bride for a guaranteed night of fun.

Conversation starters

David Beckhams Tats

Looking for a little eye candy to go with your martinis? Download the David Beckhams Tats app ($0.99) and you will become the most popular lady at the bar. It’s an artistic app filled with the evolution of one of the hottest men in the world’s body ink. Need we say more? If only we could be Victoria for one night. Ladies, please don’t make out with your iPhone.

Cookie Crack

If your friends ever stop drooling over the tats in the previous app, then hook them up with a fortune cookie reading by the $0.99 Cookie Crack app (Chinese food sold separately). Spice up the night and buy some lottery tickets with your lucky numbers, or hit the roulette table at the local gambling boat. Don’t have one of those? Plan a trip to Vegas then!

Warning: What happens on Girls’ Night Out doesn’t usually stay between friends.

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