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How SBY Protects Indonesians Abroad

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will be summoning to Jakarta heads of Indonesian representative offices in other countries with many Indonesians on death row, for further coordination.

"We will soon summon to Jakarta the ambassadors of our citizens facing execution," the President said at his office here when chairing a limited session on the TKI (Indonesian migrant workers)Task Force on Friday.

The Saudi ambassador, the President said, is already in Indonesia following the Indonesian government’s strong protest against the recent execution of TKI Ruyati binti Satubi, for committing murder in Saudi Arabia, without notifying the Indonesian government.

"We will soon invite to Jakarta the Malaysian, People’s Chinese and Singaporean ambassadors. We will consolidate, match the data, and in this way start from real and the latest data," he said.

The President said it would need an overall coordination in giving the best protection to Indonesian citizens abroad. The President said earlier that according to data and information from government circles, including the foreign ministry, law and human rights ministry, and the manpower and transmigration ministry some 200 are on the death row abroad, mostly in Malaysia, followed by Saudi Arabia, People’s Republic of China, and Singapore.

The Head of State said the Indonesian citizens are not migrant workers who had been tortured, but those who have committed crime or involved in violations in the country where they were staying. The President said 70 pct of the 200 Indonesian citizens on death row had been involved in serious narcotic cases.

"It is severe, our country is also firm, we impose the death sentence, life sentence, 20 years imprisonment for those involved in narcotic cases," he said, adding that 28 pct have committed murder.

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